February 2016

Surgery – Round 2

Today is the day we go back under the knife! Another special day, as it is Feb 29th! Leap Year day of all things is the day we do the extraction of all the dinosaur eggs.

Nerves are bad this time around. We know how it goes, we know what to expect. All the people are the same. They remember us, give us well wishes and jokes to make us smile.

OH! And warm blankets, did we forget to mention the beloved warm blankets? There was two… hmmm. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We brought a few more items this time too. Some snacks for CKnight while he is waiting. Some handheld gaming consoles. The beloved knitted Pikachu hat, and a plush Pikachu for company. CKnight packed a backpack this time, which was a good idea for sure!

We had a little mishap with the IV line. The little bugger got it and then leaked EVERYWHERE! Which means blood did a back-draw trick and as soon as the nurse said blood everywhere, Derrian closed her eyes. Bad word. ;P

CKnight waved Pikachu in her face for awhile as a distraction a blanket made the boo-boo go away for a little bit. They replaced everything just in case and struck up a conversation about building potato guns (silly country folk). It is always an adventure our friends!

Pikachu continues to be a source of entertainment, even when the anesthesiologist opened the current to Pikachu on the clipboard of ‘very’ important paperwork. She thought it was hilarious. How many couples come into this stupid battle with the Evil Mr. T and be so silly about it?

Probably not many (or any) but this is just who we are ๐Ÿ˜‰

Laughter is the source of everything wonderful in this world. We laughed before we got there, we laughed while we waited, and we laughed with all the Ladies at the surgery table up until the point Derrian was told ‘Nighty night”.

It was easy as pie this time around again. We are thankful for that! CKnight didn’t do the balancing Oreo trick this time (that we know of) << …. >> …. <<

But Pikachu was there for when Derrian woke up to eat said Oreos and Apple juice.

Going home was no problem, but resting on couch andย there is pain! We didn’t deal with this that last time around!

๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

And it is weird being in Derrian’s left side and back. SO uncomfortable, but nothing so bad as we thing a trip back to the doctor is needed. Tylenol and an ice pack is all we get and it will eventually go away.

Happy Birthday Pokemon!

Happy Birthday Pokemon!

Today is a special day! Pokemon turned 20! That means Pikachu is 20! We LOVE Pikachu!
(Well Derrian LOVES Pikachu, CKnight loves Pikachu because it make Derrian REALLY easy to shop for lol)

Also happy coincidence. As of 11:45 pm tonight, we have done our 20th injection for this round during our whole ‘create an ultimate gamer baby’ (I.E. In-vitro Fertilization). If that isn’t a sign for good thing to come, then we don’t know what is!

Pokemon 20th Anniversary, 20 tummy injections, 13 Pokemon band aids.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy 20th Birthday Pokemon/Pikachu and Happy 20th shot and we are done with the pokey bits! YAY!ย โ€ช#โ€Žpokemon20thanniversaryโ€ฌย #โ€Žpokemon20โ€ฌ

What the heck is this all about!

We (CKnight and Derrian) are battling through dungeon after dungeon in order to collect allย the pieces needed to create a new little gamer (through In-Vitro Fertilization) that, we hope, will take the world of nerds by storm! Who knowsโ€ฆ maybe he/she will someday rule the world!

Read Our Adventure Synopsis here!

So Many Visits!

We screwed our schedule with Nurse l33T Joy, but we’ll come in whenever she needs us!! Mon, Tues, Thurs and possibly Fri… whew!

This time around, our little buggers are doing better! there was about 10 counted (way better then the 4 we originally saw). Not all are big enough yet, but we’ll still have a little bit of growing time to hopefully pull some healthy little dino eggs from them later.

Still at 3 shots. We can’t seem to get rid of that, BUT we will get our break day Sunday! Woot woot, no shots that day!

Surgery is currently scheduled for Monday, UNLESS they call us on it later.

We’re Back!

We’re Back!

(Bonus points if you can tell us what the above picture is of… ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

One day early and we are back to see Nurse l33t Joy and the Vampires of Awesomesauce.

Derrian is exhausted after this day. Migraine level headaches since Sat, exhaustion in general and she couldn’t fall asleep again, so was lacking in the sleep department. Good thing CKnight is an awesome driver and will limoย her around anywhere.

We were hoping for news that there were LOTS of little Dino eggs growing away in there, but it sounds like 4 are at a viable size, and then of course a lot of little ones. Not entirely what we wanted to hear. We were really hoping the increase in shots would get a few more then last time (we had 5 last time).

But, it only takes one. And if last time taught us anything, it is that we make good quality Raptors in the end.

Also the happy day of ‘One shot’ turned into a happy day of both arms being needed to give blood to the Vampires, and a hat-trick of injections (3) for the day. 1 in the morning and 2 at night.

We had to make a run to McDonalds for the Shamrock shake for Derrian. This was the first time she debated passing out for the Vampires in her entire life. We got chicken nuggets, a whopper, fries, gummy lifesavers, mexican cokes, AND a Shamrock shake!! To share of course, lol.


Happy Vampire Day!

Derrian got to go see her best friends the homely Vampires today! You would thing they wouldn’t want to be seen at 9am in the morning (with the sun being out and all) but they were there as usual. Smiley, pointed faces and all.

Nurse l33t Joy did give us a call later in the day. Apparently the injection must be working a little ‘too’ well. We have to lower the drugs (YAY one injection only!) and go back tomorrow for a full work up.

We can hope this means that things are working VERY well! Here’s to hoping!

Pokey pokey Round 2

Pokey pokey Round 2

Today is the day we hug a Cactuar!

With the amount of drugs Nurse l33T Joy wants us on, we have no choice but the start our morning, bright and early, with 2 (not 1) tummy injections! Woo! Feel the overwhelming joy that just starts our day!!!

Or not, lol. But we tried.

Derrian has been on-call for her job for the month of Feb. This actually makes it very easy for us to do all this doctor business because she works from home when on-call. BUT her schedule changes from 9am-5pm to 12pm-7pm. So, simple to say she is used to sleeping in until noon every day right now. And this morning had to be up by 9. She was not a happy camper! Not to mention the fact that she finally fell asleep at about 3am because of nerves.

Dragging ourselves out of bed is a correct vision for this morning. But we did, and we got all our supplies out before trying to remember how this all worked. 8 vials to 2 syringes, how do we want to split this up?

At least we figured that prepping everything right away would be the best way to go. That way Derrian’s brain didn’t have a chance to freak out ๐Ÿ˜‰

With the deed done, Derrian said it was not bad. The shots really don’t hurt. One of the potions stings going in, but as long as they are giving quickly, one after the other. Things went smooth.

Now we just have to remember all the other meds and their funky side effects!

No alcohol, no caffeine, no anti bacterial soap, no sun.

(Good thing it is winter here in MN)


Baseline Round 2

A quick little in and out to Nurse l33t Joy’s place of business today.

We got our baselines for both UltraSound and Bloodwork. The Vampires have missed Derrian so much they say. We be back soon little Vampires, don’t you worry!

Everything normal here, for the most part. Yes there are still little jelly cubes that should not be, there are still leopard spots there that should not be. But that never changes.

One daily potion has to be upped. It just never seems to work as it should.

Next stop! Shots, shots, shots… shots, shots!


On a side note. Derrian is sad today. She was looking to test for her second degree Black belt in Tae Kwon Do in March. The timing would just be perfect that she was hoping to be off restrictions! Well. She realized the date she thought the test was was incorrect. March 12th is right in the middle of our ‘YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING’ time from Nurse l33T Joy. She is pretty bummed. ๐Ÿ™

Nope, Nope, Nope…

The day has arrived!

No, not a good day, a feared one. We are still cringing over here. The Nurse that led us back even asked us what we thought about the upcoming ‘Uterus Scratching’. We both cringed immediately, replying that it is the worst termed thing in the entire world!

She agreed. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It was a quick procedure, more prep than anything, but definitely not pleasant by any means! Derrian attempted to squeeze CKnights hand off several times.

To go into more detail or no? I suppose we are doing this blog to help inform other geeks such as ourselves ๐Ÿ˜‰

What does Uterus Scratching *cringe* entail, you might ask (actually you probably did not). Well, I’ll just tell you a tale of a cute little catheter name Cathy who wanted to explore a dark dark cave. The opening to this cave was not very big and Cathy had to shove herself this way and that in order to fit.

But once Cathy was inside, she realized that she had forgot her pick axe outside. So back out she went, it was much easily going out than it was getting in mind you ๐Ÿ˜‰

A SECOND time this little catheter had to squeeze into a space that twisted and turn in direction that went meant to be fit through.

Of course she couldn’t see once she was inside, but she found the wall to lead her in a bit farther, until her hands found something squishy all over the walls. This is what she had been looking for!

She took her trusty pickaxe to those walls in order to collect samples to test later. For all of 30 seconds! Then, happy with the results, she left the cave to (HOPEFULLY!!) never return again.

True story…

The idea behind this little adventure is that, by injuring the walls, the Uterus has to heal and reset itself. We kid-you-not Nurse l33t Joy compared it to Mario. Start then Select and you get to start over.

This puts the Uterus cycle in sync with Derrian’s cycle. If these two are not jiving together, then nothing is going to work as it should. Those little Dino’s need a place to groove!

We’re so happy it is over and done with lol.

Pre-Op Round 2!

Pre-Op Round 2!

This one was about the same as the first time around. Though Derrian did finally get the doctor she had wanted to see. The first time the wanted doctor was on-call and swapped, so she got a sub. Derrian was not very happy with the sub. She was poked and prodded for 2 minutes and sent on her way. Nothing personalized. Where is the emotion button on some of these doctors, this is why we never go the normal doctors. They see you as a time slot and that is about it. In and out.

This time Derrian saw the correct doctor (on whom she found via a YouTube video with said doctor documenting her deer hunting trip). And it was MUCH better!

The lady asked questions, gave suggestions. Thought really hard about what lab work might be important to check. She was in that room with the doctor for a good 15 minutes! That is just unheard of with Clinics anymore.

It was a wonderful change. We’d go back there if we needed to again for sure.


Derrian has been busy as well! Since motion and really doing, much of anything is a big “no no”. We have been working on some good old house cleaning. Eventually our little minion is going to need a place of their own, and our spare rooms are a mess.

This is the spare room. Can you tell what Derrian likes to collect? It looks like a LOT less then when it was in piles. She said she needs more ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Plan is Set

We have had our nice little sit down with Nurse l33T Joy and her plan makes sense. We are needing more of those little dinosaur eggs this time around. We SAW them in there, but the little buggers just refused to grow to the size they needed to be in order to be useful.

That means some new drugs for Derrian. Both the Vitamins (the kind you order through Amazon) and the ‘poke yourself in the tummy’ kind. She is not too thrilled about that second one.

“Yay we’re done with shots for the day! Oop nope, sorry, we lied. You have to do another!”

The last time we had to worry about two injections at the same time, Derrian had a bit of a mental freak out. Mind you, this was on Thankgiving and we had a house full of people. We’ll see how it goes this time around.

Another new thing! Kitty scratch scratch scratching! (No, not really a fluffy feline, but rather a uterus….ew…). Uterus scratching is the WORST medical term we have ever heard. Both CKnight and Derrian just cringe every time it is mentioned. Don’t you?!

Come on say it with me….

Uterus Scratching……


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