March 2016

Aw man…. the Bills

Started picking of the drugs we needed from the potion people. Geezes… Even with the main footprint of this adventure’s bills being paid for in one (GIANT) lump sum. There is still SO much gold that we have to dump into this journey.

Still don’t want to do math.

$600 was just added on to the total (what ever that might be)…. for ONE drug. Daily injections for a 2 week period, yippie! Those are our favorite 😉 You know it homie!

We have no further updates, than damn. Need a few more jobs to pay for it all lol.

Doctor Chat 2.0

Got to go in and have a little one-on-one time with Nurse l33T Joy. I feel like we have done this little meeting a few to many times for anyone to be happy with.

She is, of course, just as disappointed as we are on this whole baby Raptor making thing. Everything is still looking good. Dino egg numbers are low, but better then before. CKnight got a high five for his part in the numbers 7 for 7 is pretty damn good.

Come on, how awesome is a Healer whom gives you a high five for putting tadpoles into a cup and them being little troopers later on 😉

BUT we can look toward the future a little differently this time.

The little Dino egg that we have left. (Just the one) did amazing well at the time of being put on a deep freeze! Like hatching?! Yes dino (human) babies hatch, isn’t that crazy to think about? We just never know of this process very well until we have to get a little too close and personal with it (remember the cup?)

Nurse l33T Joy thinks this one is probably even better quality and has a better chance of sticking than the two that already went in (little bastards).

So amongst the horrible appointment, there is something to look forward too. This is new territory for both of us. We have no clue what is next, or when, what is the process, etc?

Onward and upward!


As if we Don’t get ENOUGH needles!

Oh.. here’s another fun idea. Lets deal with more needles! Many different ones all over your body at one time! And let them stay there for an hour, just, you know, because.

Acupuncture has long been raved about for making little Raptor (baby) eggs. And it is a way of healing that, at least, Derrian greatly believes in. The power of your body, the flow of qi (chi) and harmonizing everything

Qi (chi) is considered a vital energy responsible for controlling the workings of the human mind and body. Qi flows through the body via channels. Imbalances in the flow of qi cause illness; correction of this flow restores the body to balance.

Dragon Ball anyone? We could use a spirit bomb about now.


Becoming a Hippie

Derrian found a post by another set of adventurers. Similar issues, not many dino eggs to attempt to even hatch. The lady-friend decided, why not, lets become a Hippy for this baby making crap…

Sounds pretty funny, but we kept on reading. THEY HAD GREAT RESULTS.

So begins the grinding on our reading levels. There is too many potions recipes for everything we touch in this day and age. How do you even pronounce some of these names! And you put that where?! Geezes…. witch craft, we tell ya.

Researching how to become a hippy is … interesting. Some people take it WAY too far, bashing, criticizing. It is just nuts for information that is suppose to help others on a similar adventure in hippy-ism. Shouldn’t we all be supportive, but respectful? Come on people!

None-the-less we did find narrow down and write out a list of what seemed correct to avoid.

  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Triclosan
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)
  • Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES)
  • Formaldehyde
  • Toluene
  • Propylene glycol
  • Synthetic colors
  • Fragrance/parfum

Maybe a few things like ‘metals’ and plainly things that can’t be pronounced. We probably don’t even want to know WHAT it is lol.

Of course potions with these ingredients don’t come cheap on the little ol’ gild pouch either. Just one more expensive to add to this journey…..

We haven’t done the math in awhile. We don’t want to…

Still Not Our Time :(

Still Not Our Time :(

We can honestly say that the second time around, that Nurse l33T Joy called us to tell us that our little dino eggs AGAIN did not like their nice warm home and that the tests came back negative….. was easier in way of disappointment.

Not that the anything with that phone call was easy. Derrian refused to even look at the phone all day, dreading the call from the Nurse. The news brought about rivulets of tears, swearing, and starring passed everything and at nothing at the same time.

IT SUCKED! It still sucks, and it will for a long time… Just like last time. But our hopes were not as high as last time, because we already knew what that devastation was. We were perhaps expecting it this time around. Which is DUMB, but it is the truth for all of you to know.

CKnight helped dye Derrian’s hair, something she couldn’t do during the treatments, and the time afterwards while we waited for the news. She has a little more gray up there then she would like even only being in her early 30’s. But that is just life. It was also something to take our minds off the bad news, and attempt to relax a little bit.

Then it was our normal ‘Dinner with the car people’ at the pizza joint. Extra’s came to give hugs, loves, and drink alcohol since that was something else Derrian was not able to do before.

It all helps… being around such GREAT friends helps… being able to talk out loud to anyone helps…

At the end of the night we snuggled in bed, watched American Dad and actually had a good night sleep (mostly).

We are already thinking about the future. We have our little baby dino-icicle waiting for us in the deep freeze, and we have NO idea how any of that works. But we’ll be meeting with Nurse l33T Joy next week to discuss.

Tomorrow is the Day

Tomorrow is the Day

And we are FREAKING out!!

Monday was bad enough because Vampires sucked it up and Derrian’s arm HURT for a good chunk of the day.

Then we have to go through a full day of nothing but wondering? Will we sleep tonight? Probably not! And it is going to suck. Can’t even drink a little happy go lucky alcohol to catch some Z’s… Nope that ceiling is going to be an interesting one tonight.

CKnight is a mantra of “Keep Calm”. The total opposite of his normal demeanor, but it is SO appreciated. He says he freaks out over the little things so that he can be calm during the big things. It is great having a strong shoulder to lean on when the Man’s got you down!

Wed, early morning is the second blood draw by Nurse l33T Joy and we’ll get the call later in the day.

Quote for the Day “Never Give Up!”
“LEEROY JENKINS!!!! Ah Crap, get in there!”

Dinosaurs on Ice

We got the email today that we thought would be coming around mid-week. The nice Male Embyro doctor that Nurse l33T Joy employs is on his game!

We can’t say that we are a little saddened that of the 5 dino eggs they were watching only got put on ice. We wish they would give you a little bit more info on it all. Did they just not make it to day 5? Or was it just the quality being too low that they might not survive a freeze/thaw. Even with a lower quality we wouldn’t mind the option to choose. Especially since we don’t make the number of little eggies like other people. Lower quality is better than no chance at all.

In the end it is still better than last time! And while Derrian hide in a bathroom to gain a little composure while at work. CKnight is great and bringing a calming situation. So staying positive is the name of the game!

Our Fighter Stats to Date

  • 10+ Follicles
  • 7 Dino Eggs
  • ALL 7 Fertilized!!
  • 2 Transfered
  • 1 Frozen
Resting Day – Round Two

Resting Day – Round Two

Friday, last time, was also a day for rest. But this year Nurse l33T Joy said we could be up and around as long as nothing was strenuous. Derrian still decided to rest quite a bit. A good dose of Xenoblade Chronicles on the couch, LOTS of Gatorade and some soup.

We are back to the waiting game. March 14th & 16th are the appointments with the Vampires to see if the little Raptor Army stuck around this time. 😉

Transfer – Round 2

Transfer – Round 2

Today is the big day! We can’t believe how nervous we are! And everything with today is about being CALM and RELAXED! We don’t know if anyone can live up with expectations like that! Be serious now!

There is a lot of prep this time around, just like last time. Before we can even go into the See Nurse l33T Joy there a full page list of things that need to be checked off with a 8:15am start time.

8:15am – Take drugs (the dumb kind)
8:45am – Pee
9:15am – 600mg Ibuprofen
9:15am – Eat lightly and take all the normal drugs (6-8 pills)
9:15am – Start drinking 6-8 large glasses of water
10:15am – Be at the doctor!
10:15am – Take that lovely valium!
10:15am – 11:15am – Sit around in a room for a while, ask a couple question, go through some paperwork. Sit around some more even through Derrian NEEDS to pee, she is NOT allowed to.

About 11:15am and we were finally escorted (including a walkie-talkie announcement) to our dimly lit room and has the awesome secret door to it. The door is pretty cool, we don’t think it even opens from the outside. It leads back to where the mad scientists play Jurassic Park with our little egg and swimmers. 😉

Derrian gets her normal pedestal (or torture device) and is given the awesome warmed blanket. Before the Mad Scientist come to chat. We have a male one this time. This is probably the first time we have seen a male anywhere in this Office. They must all be hidden in the back! LOL.

He’s casual and cool, has a little trainee following him around. The best kind of doctors are the ones who relax around you, that is for sure!

He gave us the picture!!! Squee! Two perfect little Raptor eggs all ready for they new squishy Pokeball home! We blink back tears, that news is great. One is top quality, “textbook” he called it. The second is still high quality but has a bit of fragmentation on it (We had to research this later, but it is very common).

Fragmentation, also called blebbing, is a process where portions of the embryo’s cells have broken off and are now separate from the nucleated portion of the cell. It is preferable to have little or no fragmentation. However, fragmentation in human embryos is quite common. You just don’t want a lot of it.

We are over the moon! But what about the rest? There were 7 total taken out. How did they do?


All freaking 7!! We have never seen this in all of our time with Mr. Google and the wide wide interwebs. You are constantly losing numbers with process, EVERY step of the way. How did all 7 fertilize! OMG.

We are growing a little pack of Raptors this time. Everybody better watch out!

They will watch these 5 until Day 5, and if they are high enough quality they will then be know as “Dinos on Ice”, to wait for another day.

The doctors all left us to prepare the next part of the procedure. There might have been some fist-bumping going on. It definitely made the nerves go away. (Or was that the valium kicking in??) ;P

The rest of the procedure was WAY easier then the first, nothing notable, less painful. Quick and easy! Nurse l33T Joy’s assistant even humored us with a little “10-4” on the walkie once we got the okay that all the dino eggs had made it into their new home safe and sound.

Nurse l33T joy gave us “sticky vibes” and said at that moment we were pregnant. Really a heart warming thing.

It is really amazing that we made the journey through 2 other healers before arriving here. And it was totally worth it!

The rest of the day was Derrian in bed sleeping off the drugs! And us getting news that our friends burnt some sage for us and prayed all went well. 🙂 Our friends are amazing!

Night night!


The Power of Friends… And a Drink

Friends are amazing. So many people come in and out of our adventures through life. Some stay and some go, but in the end they all make an impact of you as a person.

We got news that the transfer of our little dino eggys is going to be Thursday! So Derrian was talking to a couple of our friends this night as we were out with a group we see every Wednesday to get some pizza (and talk about cars). She was enjoying a couple of Fuzzy Navel drinks (a play from another friend’s book that got her positive results with IVF – granted that was a full bottle of wine and Derrian might have died if she tried that, lol.) and sending them pictures of said drinks.

“This is how you make a baby.”

The conversation turned to “Making it Rain Babies”, and signing “Its Raining Babies, hallelujah!”. The first friend took her cat in her arms and did a wonderful rain dance to make it “rain babies” lol. Trying to see if “native blood will yield the kinda rain we are after here.”

The other friend… well he twerked. We don’t think that is a rain dance, but we will take it! It is the thought that counts!

Bottom’s up our friends! Last day for a drink for hopefully 9 months!!


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