April 2016

Little Frozen Party is Tomorrow!

Short update, since we have a busy day tomorrow.

Tomorrow we get the fun of waking up early to start a long day of playing with a little hatching baby dino egg! Come out of your deep thaw little Raptor! It is so amazing that this little bugger decided it like us SO much that it was going to come out of its shell to greet us this time around.

We are most excited about getting the chance to see the picture that Nurse l33T Joy’s assistants give us each time. We’ll get our first glance of where our baby dino is coming from.

Then straight to the warm comfy home we have been getting ready for it for FAR too long!

Chinese Lady!!

So we finally ended out search for an experienced Chinese healer who was well versed in needles in body. She is a nice lady for sure. Healer Zhuo! And very well versus in the art of dino egg making (IVF Process). You just had her a mountain of paperwork from Nurse l33T and she digests it all!

Of course the bad part is she sticks about 20 little metal needles about a half an inch into Derrian’s body to stay for a while.

Want to know something worse?! She then hooks up a little shocker machine to needles in Derrian’s stomach and lightly shocks them.

Did we ever tell you that Derrian is deathly afraid of electricity and shocks? Yeah…..

Of course then you are supposed to relax for an hour, and maybe take a nap. Yeah right… take a nap while being shocked at two different tempos… psh silly Chinese lady!

Vacations are Never Long Enough

A full week in the sun is wonderful. The heat, vitamin C, and server lack of white stuff is great 😉

Derrian had a grand time (almost all of it). She got to visit her family, see the London Bridge (yes the one in the song), ride a cool boat, look at all the fishes. There was also buffets, and other delicious things to eat.

Her mother got out the telescope and they all looked at Jupiter and its many moons. Also Saturn! Those rings are just amazing when tilted just right!

Not to mention a bit of gambling with dear ol’ Papa. They enjoy shaking the dice a bit and hopefully making some money. They visited something like 7 casinos along the river, gambling a little bit at each one!

Craziest thing was the ALIENS! Dead serious… Go to enjoy a coffee after the sun goes down on the back ‘porch’, look at the bright casino lights and BAM! Freaking aliens!!

(Hey we believe in magical Dinosaur eggs, why not flying saucers?)

There was much freaking out to be had. Even Derrian’s dad was freaked out. Talk about a major goose bump moment. He is not freaked out by many things. These white specks kept flying over one of the casions in the sky.  3 or 4 of them, different directions, coming and going, until sudden they grouped together and flew off away from the buildings!


Two more nights they all watch the aliens, the specks multiplied. They were able to catch few in the telescope. Just rapidly moving specks of lights! The freaking rings of Saturn were visible, the strips in Jupiter, the giant spot! And these little specks remained just that when viewed through the telescope.

There was a bit of research done, since these space ships were appearing in the same spot each night. Right around the star Arcturus. Did you know that there is supposedly a portal to another dimension by Arcturus?!

The plot thickens!!

Even with Derrian vast knowledge of internet searching, it was ont he fourth day that she found the true identity to their aliens.

Birds/Bats…. freaking things. Illuminated by the upwards lights from the casino, they gather to eat the bugs that the lights attract in the spring.

Lost a few years of our lives from that one lol. But it made for a great story to tell others… like you, dear readers 😉

Leaving on a Jet plane

Derrian decided to leave MN and visit her folks, whom are currently living near Denver, AZ. They have been living in an RV full time for several years now. Traveling to different spots in the US before coming back during the summer to visit family (and not freeze).

Unfortunately it is not the happiest of journeys. Her parent’s cat decided his time to cross the Rainbow Bridge was now. He was not very old, maybe 6? It was not something that anyone wants to be a part of at this point in time. A bit a good luck in the near future would be a WONDERFUL change… can anyone help with that , please?

Derrian’s daddy is a wonderful man. He offered to foot the bill for the flight from MN to AZ. And of course CKnight is an amazing man to just say “Go”.

So she packed her bags and left, that very same day.

We can think of it as a little vacation. Working one (It was last minute vacation, so Derrian actually took her work with her). Luckily she has that option where she works.

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