May 2016

I think the Doctor might be Sick of us

Okay maybe she is not sick of us. If fact Nurse l33T Joy says we have been in her dreams (Which a very sweet thing.). She has another pair of adventurers like us that are also in the same state. Two tried have come and gone with no end in sight.

She is as unhappy as we are. We’ll never know exactly what went wrong. It is just a 10% chance that we happened to stumble upon.

It sucks! She agrees.

She worries so much about us and this other couple, that we are in her dreams at night. How can she help us? What else can we try? WILL IT WORK?!

Her second pair just got the good news. That is wonderful for them! Now we are the only ones left in her dreams.

We love Nurse l33T Joy ALOT!

So what do we do now? Round 3 is our last chance. We need to up the dino eggs we are producing, we need to give them the best environment we possibly can to thrive in. We need to succeed!

We also need a break. A break from this constant worrying, are we doing everything correctly? Are we missing anything? Will it work THIS time?!

Nurse l33T Joy agrees that a break is a good thing. Give Derrian’s insides a chance to chill out. Give our brains a chance to relax and not worry. BUT she does have an idea she wants to do.

She wants to check up of good ol’ Killer T and see what we can do to further weaken his defenses. Of course he is a villain we can only see from the inside. So Derrian is going to surgery! Yuck, lol. It gives Nurse l33T Joy an chance to test the waters again on Killer T’s domain. She has few weapons in her arsenal that she wants to wipe out and give it to him!

It also has a 3 month rest period afterwards. Just what we need.

WTF Batman! Seriously! Seriously!! *tears*

The morning started out as normal as we have dealt with in this adventure. Wake up early. Follow the long list of directions the healer has given us. Triple check that we are doing it all correctly and get ready to head out.

Then the phone rings.

Derrian ignores it, because it is not a known number and we have too many thing to do, and if it is important, they’ll leave a message. And they did. She eventually checks right before we are packed up to head out the door and make our quick journey to Nurse l33T Joy’s place.

It’s the Embryologist……..

He asks that we call him back….

We don’t want to…

We are SO scared to……

But we have to… Our amazing little frozen but HATCHING dino egg. The one we have been SO excited to meet because it is HATCHING….. Didn’t make it through the thaw.

It died.

Died before it EVER got a chance to live.

Heartbroken is not even scratching the surface of the emotions we are feeling.

The first time around, when we got that call saying it didn’t work was HORRIBLE!

The second time sucked, but nearly as bad as the first.

This time is 10 times WORSE. Our little egg was to the point that it wanted to live, it was growing. It continued to grow. It came out of it’s shell to find a warm snuggley place where it would thrive for 9 more wonderful months.

But it never got the chance…….

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