June 2016

Mommys are the Best

With CKnight working and Derrian needing to be watched and helped a bit for the next week or so, Derrian’s Mommy came to visit! Mommys are the best, if for simply lounging around and watching far too much Frasier on Netflix.

Helps out everyone! Because we all know CKnight worries just a ‘bit’ too much 😉

And she is just silly!


Surgery 2.0

Almost 2 years ago, Derrian had this exact (almost) same surgery. And now here we are again. At least we tried to be. We might have gotten lost in all the twists and turns from the address they sent us to, but at least a nice worker lady took pity on our souls and led us to where we needed to be!

Just in time too! We just turn our ‘waiting room seats’ and Derrian’s name was called to head on back to ‘prep’. A WHOLE room to herself, pretty nice digs there! It was a slew of people coming in and out, greeting, introducing, explaining. It is just amazing how many hands go into a process of people people in an induced coma and taking a knife after them 😉

This time around the surgery was bit more intense than the ‘Retrieval’ ones we do with Nurse l33T Joy. BUT she is here with us again leading the path. We don’t know what we would do without her. She is a great people person who understand not everyone can speak ‘l33T-isms’.

Though she is a little scary when she mentions that if she sees ‘anything’ that doesn’t look good. She is just going to remove it since she is there. Anything…. eep!

Follow the light!! Oh wait.. maybe not. :p

Want to see some big words?!

  • Chromotubation of Oviduct
  • Removal of Adnexal Structures
  • Partial or total Oophorectomy and/or salpingectomy
  • Hysteroscopy

Geezes… Sounds like another language for sure. These are all the ‘fancy’ words that were done during this surgery. Big words for basically saying Derrian has 4 new scars on her belly along with no ‘button’ on her belly button anymore (she is quite devastated!).

But… BUT! Everything was good news. Where we had a mass of leopard spot (Endometrosis) scarring up everything is sight. Now there are just pin pricks of the creepy brown stuff.

A scarred and closed up tube is not free flowing.

The GIANT cysts were dying where they sat. These caused for the extra scars, as they broke apart and floated away as Nurse l33T Joy was pulling them away. She had to go digging a bit more to find the left overs and get them out lol.

Good, good, good! Everything was good! Which is basically unheard of. Who knows which piece fixed the problems. BUT the good news is that it is.

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