July 2016

Ugh… Back to the Diet

Ugh… Back to the Diet

Of course, this is the third time that there has been a time for Derrian to diet during this whole process. We are pretty sure July was the month she first started her diet at 208 lbs.

Now at 194 lbs, it is time to start again. She needs to be under 186 lbs in order to do the surgery. Here we come cardboard food…

… and there was much rejoicing… (hear the sarcasm?)

Diet Tracker!

  • Start – July 9th 2015 – 208 lbs
  • Stop – Sept 25th 2015 – 180 lbs
  • Start – Dec 28th – 190.5 lbs
  • Stop – Feb 12th – 176.25 lbs
  • Start – July 19th – 194.2 lbs

Total lbs Lost – 42.25 (Woo!)
Total lbs Gained Back – 28.45 (about 10 lbs per round of shots)

CONvergence 2016

CONvergence 2016

We have talked about going to Convergence for a while. It is a big gathering of geeky geeks, who do geeky stuff together in a big 3 hotel ring. Thousands of people go through it, free alcohol, panels with famous people, games, anime… what more could you ask for?!

We got permission from Nurse l33T Joy that we could attend, since it was so close to Derrian’s surgery, and got the go ahead!

We both dressed up even! CKnight at a Division Agent, complete with color changing beacon, and Derrian as Louise from Bob’s Burgers.

The panels were probably the most interesting aspect. With the theme  of “How do we get there”. Traveling of any sort was the discussion. Favorite Star Wars vehicles, to time travel, to a whole table of drinking Submarine Navy men who answered any (we mean ANY) question asked of them.

Of course there was the big costume show on the big stage for awards and some shopping. CKnight picked up a Gamera dvd for $2! Talk about a oldie, but a goodie!

We did the photo booth! But unfortunately we have never seen photos from our photographer 🙁 We’ll try to dig up something that we might have taken somewhere else. This pic is of Derrian as Louise, that was taken between panels. She got yelled at from down the long hallway to take a ‘Bob’s Burger crew family photo’ lol

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