August 2016

It’s GO Time!

Today is ‘technically the beginning of the our regimen from Nurse l33T Joy. She nice us a nicely laid out piece of paper starting from August 3rd, and going through November 1st. This is a LONG cycle compared to what we are used to BUT she did say we are now ‘seasoned professionals’ and should have no problem with this ‘weird schedule’. 😉 So much faith she has in us!

A good third of this plan is pretty easy. Oral potions, on and off for about 2 months.

A visit to the place of Healer for a Endo-Scratching *shudder* and the pretty black and white machine that they like to stick in funky places. “All to see you better my dear…”

The fun stuff starts on October 5th. We can’t wait to see the load out of our ‘herbal closet’ this time around! There will be pics, we promise 😉



CKnight has long had a dream…

(Get ready for car nerdisms)

To put a Rotary engine from an RX7 in to a NA Miata. SO basically brap brap engine with torque, into a itty bitty car that drives like a go-cart. The first car we bought as a ‘couple’ was the RX7 that house this engine. We bought the bar to just take out its motor and use only that. BUT CKnight drove that little FB RX7 and fell in love with it in.

So, needless to say, we never took the engine out. 😉

BUT the RX7 rusted on us slowly (many years later), in places where it was no longer safe to drive. So the Miata got its heart transplant at last.

The Miata was the first car we bought after we were married. It wasn’t the prettiest thing but it was the apple of CKnight’s eye. And with the new engine in it, it was a dream accomplished for him.

Well Cknight got hit in that Miata 🙁 We were lucky enough that the other insurance adjuster saw the value in the parts and work we have done to it and didn’t total it out. This allowed us to to some that we have wanted to do for a long time, but it was just too expensive.

The car got a full paint job. Making her “look and good as she drives.” as CKnight put it. He was a car he couldn’t believe he actually owned. It came back fantastic! We love our body shop, like there is no other.

There has been many drives in this car (and a rock chip in the hood). But it is a car that people flock to, ask questions about, and CKnight grins ear to ear about.

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