October 2016

Ultrasound #2

Nurse l33T Joy wanted us to come in a second time. We’re feeling like the vampire missing us though. We haven’t seen them since 10/12 and it sounds like we won’t be seeing them. We miss our little blood sucking friends!

That being said we made a ‘little’ me progress, but it gives us some hope. 9 total dino eggs this time around. Some of our little eggies grew up fast!

And this puts us on schedule for the retrieval being on 11/1, which is what the Healer people had planned for all along. They are pretty damn good and what they do πŸ˜‰

Ultrasound #1

Ultrasound #1

First day in to see Nurse l33T Joy. Again, very odd to be going in so little with the amount of crazy concoctions she has us on. But we are told everything is plainly slower and there is nothing to worry about. πŸ˜‰

The number made us a little disappointed. The goal of surgery, and this long regimen was to promote MORE dino egg growth. And that is not what we saw today. 7 total are developing at a good pace. We had 7 total last mature, but double digits would just be a DREAM right now!

Of course Nurse l33T Joy has told us from the beginning that there is just much left to give. πŸ™

Give her all you got Scotty! Come on! Just a bit more homie!

Happy Bacon Cheeseburger Day!

Derrian has had a countdown going all week until “Bacon Cheeseburger Day”. Basically the day Nurse l33T Joy tells her she has to be off her diet to things can grow correctly. Her parents are even in town before they take off in their RV for the winter, so there is no better day then today to celebrate with one of the best bacon cheeseburgers in town! Fireside! OMG SOOOO good!

And so ends the cardboard packets but we did pretty good. Getting one pound under her goal weight of 169 (the weight she was when her and CKnight got married in 2009)

Diet Tracker!

  • Highest– July 9th 2015 – 208 lbs
  • Stop – Sept 25th 2015 – 180 lbs
  • Start – Dec 28th – 190.5 lbs
  • Stop – Feb 12th – 176.25 lbs
  • Start – July 19th – 194.2 lbs
  • Lowest- Oct 14th – 168.8
  • Stop – Oct 22nd – 169.8

Total lbs Lost – 67.65 (Woo!)
Total lbs Gained Back – 29.45 (about 10 lbs per round of shots)

We are Druggies

Time for the big drugs! The ones that cause Derrian’s poor little tummy to swell up and just feel fat in general. We have been told 2 shots in the morning and one at night. We don’t even flinch at the thought of that many needles any more.

No anxiety the night before, just wake up and Git ‘Er Done!

This part always feels like it goes the fastest. 9 ish days of shots, lots of visit to the healer and the vampires and then it is off to the retrieval surgery.

Thought this time is a bit strange (of course this protocol has been). Normally we go in every other day for ‘something’. Nurse l33T Joy likes to keep a close eye on Derrian’s insides to make sure nothing is getting too big too fast. But this time, just one little appointment is on the schedule…. weird.

Well… here goes nothing! Shots, shots, shots, shots shots!

Pre-Op Appt

Round 3 (well I guess 4 if you count the summer surgery). Nothing much to report on this. Derrian didn’t like her clinic doctor. They never pay much for mind then the sheet of paper they are filling out. BUT the nurse before was pretty bomb and gave us lots of luck. πŸ˜‰

Ready to get the eggies out!

Nooooo, We don’t likey!

Endo-scratching doesn’t sound like such a bad thing, really. But it is probably the worse thing we have ever had to do with Nurse l33T Joy. And this is our SECOND time doing it! Please make it stop!!

The whole point of it is the injure poor Derrian’s insides so that that internal ‘clock’ resets itself to the timing that the healers want. Then Nurse l33T Joy makes the horrible comment of ‘I think I’m going to do a second pass.”

These are what Days off are made for…


CKnight has made an official request that Derrian cut off all her nails before the next appointment. πŸ˜‰

Closet of DOOOOOM!!

We’re broke…. This has been the most expensive round of drugs we have ever had to pick up (not to mentioned surgery costs…). We were lucky enough to get ‘just’ enough money in, in time to make our big “Not covered by Insurance” order. Minnesota really needs to get on the game of covering some of this crap. Really. We have no choice in the matter, and are willing to go above and beyond to bring the best little gamer into this world, and we get next to know help.

We are afraid to total this all up in the end, but we will. And maybe it should be sent off to an official to maybe push the envelope a little bit on it.

  • 11 different prescriptions (not including what Derrian is already taking, so add another 2)
  • 138 pills
  • 52 injections (plus 20 more that are in their own big vials)
  • Only 5 items on this list are covered by insurance…… All the cheapest things of course.

And we may have to buy more at any point.

Our closet is a full little cookie!

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