November 2016

D-Day (Dinosaur Day)

D-Day (Dinosaur Day)

We have to be honest here….

We actually knew the results of today before it came. Nurse l33T Joy MIGHT have sent us an email on Wednesday letting us know the results. Going against protocol and asking us to NOT tell her helpers since she did a bad, bad thing. They of course know the test results that day, but want a second chance to see changes. Those drugs you take can affect the results. Give you false hope. It is all done for a reason.

BUT! Boy are we glad she wrote us that email!! Derrian got it while driving, did the horrible thing of reading it while still driving. She had to, see the Doctor emailing you directly is just a heart to the pit of your stomach kind of feeling. SO scared!

This is what that simple email said:


Vampire Day #1

Simple day and a simple update. They took Derrian’s blood and she is not sad ๐Ÿ˜‰ Both of us have been strangely optimistic this go around (Not a common thing for CKnight). There is a large ball of warmth forming in our souls, and it makes us smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

This has been a LONG adventure for us. Just like a fantasy styled Novel. Trial and challenges galore, with little hope in site. But we are still moving forward and striving towards our goal.

We know we are not the only ones, and we are not the only GEEKY ones either. We think we are pretty awesome together and making this new little gamer will add to the world’s awesomeness ๐Ÿ˜‰

So what have we learn in this year?

  1. Needle are not so scary – Should we count the shots we have done (bot tummy and butt ones?) I’m sure we will once we are done. But in the end they are not as bad as we thought.
  2. Don’t stress so much about it – Harder said than done for sure
  3. Take a break if you need one – 3 months of not working about doctors appointments and drugs was a god-send.
  4. Life does not need to be put on hold – We definitely had many days to ourselves holed up in our house, but we still went out with each other or close friends. Derrian traveled to Arizona (airports are actually very good about drugs when traveling)
  5. Puking up Gatorade is a bit disturbing…
  6. In the end it only takes one – One egg to rule them all.
  7. MOST IMPORTANT – Be there for each other – Go to every appointment together, talk, laugh, and love.ย No matter what happens. Happy, crying or throwing things.
  8. So many other things! I’m sure we’ll add to this list. But you know what?! You can contact us if you have questions.

To go along with point #4 & #7. Take a look at some of the things we did while going through all of this that was NOT doctor related. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We got Bruiseys

The couple shots we have between the Retrieval and the Transfer have been an adventure ๐Ÿ˜‰ Lovenox is an anti-coagulate. So not only is it VERY important that you don’t stab yourself with a sword *cause you bleed to dead extremely fast), but it causes just a massive of bruising.

And on top of that we have the dreaded butt shots lol. Sesame seed oil is SO think and you have to inject SO much. It is just a lump under your skin. Yuck.

We also learned that cats make good pressing for a heat pack on the butt, making funny faces for ‘targets’ are the way to bring smiles to small children and their adults, and Petco is the best place to make a ‘Medical necklace”.

Transfer Day 3.0! Day 5 Edition!

We haven’t been very nervous going into most of our Nurse l33T Joy appointments. But this one has got to take the cake (But the cake is a lie, remember?). We are doing breathing exercises, listen to some anime jazz, just about anything to take our mind off the numbers that we might be presented with.

But we got passed the point that the Smart Dino Egg people would call us with bad news. Score one for the light side.

They are running behind, so more fretting in the lobby. It is also the weekend so we don’t know the desk lady. But she sits down with us, feels bad that we are nervous and gives us word of encouragement.

Next wee see our favorite (and first) assistant Kaari. Not only does she have an awesome name, but she is what everyone needs to be in the field, positive, spunky, always smiling and laughing. So happy to have her today for this transfer.

Last room visitor is the Dino Egg guy. He was to the one we saw last time, and he remember us because he had to call us with the bad news about of little frozen dino egg turning into mush. ๐Ÿ™ I don’t envy that job a all.

He had great news! 5 mature eggies. 5 fertilized, and 5 were still growing!

Stress is GONE!

Granted 3 are behind so he is not too sure they will make it to be frozen BUT the 2 dino eggs we have for today are perfect!


Grade 1 for the little goober on the right and a grade 1.5 for the one on the left. They are just perfect looking! He is happy and so are we! The right ‘hatching’ eggy is exactly what our frozen-saur would have been that we were so confident about.


Over the moon here! Derrian gave the picture a ‘pep talk’ as she calls it, really it his just her shaking her finger at the photograh and saying “Pep Talk!” sternfully over and over again. Guess she hadn’t planned on ‘what’ she was actually going to say, just that these eggs needed a ‘pep-talk’.

We got setup in the room for the transfer and Kaari tells us they ALWAYS wants quality over quantity (we have that in the ‘bag of holding’ son!). She tells Derrian that her bladder is perfect and the best bladder she has had yet!

And we don’t remember much of the rest Valium kicked in nicely ๐Ÿ˜‰ . We got some more photos. We remember hearing the word ‘perfect’ a lot. And then CKnight tucked Derrian into bed were she promptly passed out for most of the day. (Waking up once when CKnight wanted to ‘check’ and make sure she was still breathing. Lol)

Perfect day peeps…. ๐Ÿ˜€

Heart Attack!

Heart Attack!

AND the phone rang. Nurse l33T Joy’s phone number came out. Queue the instant jitters and cold sweats. We do NOT want to see that number now! Really, this is our LAST chance!

We answer….

“Don’t worry this isn’t a bad phone call.”

Why the HECK don’t they start the conversations off like that ALL THE TIME!! Sweet Baby Geewiz!!

They just had to change our Transfer time for 15 mins……

We about had a heart attack.

We got news!

As promised Nurse l33T Joy hit us up via the old cans and rope to let us know that we are doing our transfer on Sunday! We have never ever done a five days transfer! Can you say freaking out a little bit?!

Those 5 little dino eggies need to grow and survive a couple more days then ever before and it is SCARY! We got to see the progress chart from the smart Dino Egg people last time and our 7 eggs that time dropped out one after another until we had one lest on day 6.

Will we have any left by the time we go in Sunday!? Or will be get a dreaded phone call from the Dino Egg people an hour before we are supposed to go in to let us know we have nothing…….

Yep, yep…. freaking out just a bit.

Here is the “Not” Fun Part

Here is the “Not” Fun Part

So we mentioned that CKnight had a reason to not fully trust the drug lady we had that day (he said he was because she was a red head). Abot 9pm at night Derrian started to not feel good. Nothing to bad at first, but it slowly got worse and worse until it lead to puking in a trash can, puking in a toilet, then puking in a different toilet.

There are a couple things they tell you to watch out for during all the meds and surgery. Sever stomach cramps, puking, dizziness, fever…. Yep, got all of those but the last. So at 10:30 pm we are off to the ER downtown.

We had to make one quick pull over on the side of a large bridge or risk a pukey interior of a car. Luckily the ER and Hospital is just a quick drive. But of course it is the in the middle of the night, they are short staffed, the front desk lady looks liek she wants to be anywhere else BUT working that night. We are in the large cities downtown, which means there are some shady people going in and out, but at least there is a on duty cop, we’re sure just in case ๐Ÿ˜›

Check in is a bit too much for Derrian and she gets to go puke in her third toilet of the night, the joys! And basically goes in and out of the bathroom for about an hours as we wait, and wait, and wait. There was probably one person before us.

Thankfully a room becomes available and the doctor and a sweet older gentleman, whom you just know if going to everything rainbows and skittles again.

Derrian tries to pass out on the bed (but, unfortunately for her, can’t). They take samples of about every fluid they can (ever try peeing in a bed pan…?! How the heck does either sex accomplish that we have NO clue).ย CKnight wins husband of the year award (for the 7th year in a row)ย for doing simple things that helps her focus on anything but the pain she is in and her inability to pass out on command.

The Docs get her hooked up a cocktail of fluids, morphine, and anti-nausea meds.ย It is all wonderful at that point, Morphine is wonderful, and not puking is very wonderful. And we sit for hours and it all goes through the IV (Yay for double arm pricks!)

3am and we finally got back home and to bed. Not that Derrian stayed there very much, up and to the bathroom every hour. Luckily no more puking for that girl though!

It turned into a fun 2 days. She stayed on anti-nausea meds, ate next to nothing and could barley drink water. Best diet every! But we would not recommend it on our worst enemies. She lost 4 lbs in 24 hours.

Between the ER Doc tor and Nurse l33T Joy, we were given the conclusion that it was a bad reaction to the anesthetic. Oh joy, now we have to remember that when they ask us the question “Have you or a member of your family ever had a bad reaction to anesthetic?” It only took us 6 surgeries to figure this out….

We are not amused…

Surgery Days are Fun….. Or not…

Today is the day (again and again). Number three is easier than the first two. With the cysts gone, Derrian is not feeling quite as fat as she normally would be by now, so that is a plus.

Nurse l33T Joy’s assistant for the day is smiley and laughs at our own silliness. We swear we are probably nothing like the other couples who go in and out of that building. Obscure and perhaps, not always, appropriate jokes. The assistant laughed along with us the whole time.

The drug lady for the day, Derrian can’t even remember her face really. But CKnight didn’t fully trust her (and later had a reason for that). She did jump the gun a little people and instead of having count backwards before sleepy time (Which she loves, cause she can say goodnight to everyone in the room) the lady just knocked her out… boo… no fun.

Luckily that was quickly forget (drugs and all) and replaced by the wonder warm blanket, oreos, and apple juice! Best way to be woken up ever!

The magic number of the day is 5. 5 mature little dino eggs. Right in the middle of our three times. (3, then 7, then 5). Again, this leads to a bit of sadness, we want more. but we’ll strive on with hand we have been dealt. We are a couple of tough (Oreo) cookies after all!

Time to go home, rest for a couple days, and maybe play lots of video games!

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