Awesome Testimonials


We asked a few people how they would describe the relationship between CKnight and Derrian and here is what they had to say 🙂 Most of these are ‘normal’, some are geeky, but we wanted to show that all ‘this’ *point to the website* is justified as truth.

I can’t think of a couple more deserving than you and Erik. You will make great parents.”
~ Marilyn Jungbluth

“Perfect fit for each other.”
~ Patrick Hageman

“Origami binary love, “Sorry’s” turning into “I do’s”, having a gaming room that blows kids minds, building (literally) a life just for you both. The definition of true love, falling in love, and sharing that love with those around you. I cannot say enough how f*cking awesome your love is!”
~ Darcy Lynn

“A perfect example of a great friendship and marriage.”
~ Heather Hakl

“Pretty damn amazing the entire time I have known you. Right up there with my own marriage”
~ Terrance Hanley

“Definition of ‘marrying your best friend'”
~ Kris Hoffbeck

~ Chanell Nutter

“Harmony, equal parts each other, understanding, accepting, love. What our Mom said – ‘having the courage to do something you thought you couldn’t do.'”
~ Katharine Marie

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