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Who We Are

  • Erik Schiltgen – A loving husband who will do anything for his wife. Including giving her that last piece of cake.
  • Joelle Schiltgen – The bubbly wife who like to think the best end will always come to those who work through it.

The Backstory

Just your normal couple here, okay maybe not but what is normal anyway? We started our relationship many years ago enjoying many of hours bonding over video games and general geeky items and we’ll continue to do so until we are pushing up daisies. A relationship is much more then having common interests of course but it is a good start. All we can say is those hours we spent turned into years and we would not have it any other way.

The Issue at Hand

We are trying to have a child, and as Erik likes to say, “We are Team Broken”. 3 years of us trying are almost here and we still have had no semblance to success. Joelle suffers from Endometriosis which has caused havoc on all her important parts and it also does nothing good to the little eggs and tadpoles that are supposed to meet up. Erik has his own issues to a point where the doctor says IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is our only hope to having children and that process is EXPENSIVE and STRESSFUL.

$32000 and rising. AND insurance does not cover IVF in any way ;(

The Story as it Unfolds

We have kept a blog of our trials, in hopes that it might help others such as ourselves. People with infertility issues NEVER seem to talk about them, and that is a shame when talking about it helps SO much. Check out two different version of our Blog below.

The Boring Story – Read Now
Start reading from the bottom – Blog style.
(We call this the boring story just because it does not have that geeky ‘spin’ on it and is probably easier for some to understand)

The Awesome Story – Read Now
Start reading from the bottom – Blog style
This is written in more of a ‘story format’ with several plays on words)

Your Part in it All?

Who doesn’t want a world full of more wonderful people like you? Let’s show the world that not all young people are brats (you know who we are talking about).

Help us, help the world fight for all of nerd-kind! Fund the cause!



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