Love us… Cuddle us… Send us the biggest DBZ Spirit Bomb that the nerd universe has ever seen…

This is really all we ask. We want to share our story in hopes that other geeks like us might not feel alone in their struggles to bring new mini gamers into this world. It is in great need of these awesome ‘Minis’.

Anything Else?

We’d love to hear from you! Send us an email from our contact page, we’ll take great pride in personally thanking you for each and every email we get. You can even drop us a snail mail, who does that now-a-days? I don’t know but a mail box full of simple little letters just sounds like a dream come true to us.

And Then…?

Fine, fine. We do have a couple areas setup in case you wish to do something a little ‘extra’ special.

  • Shop – We have a store filled with fun stickers, custom made just for your nerdy self!
    Don’t see what you want? Shoot us an email and maybe we can get it made and added to the store.
  • Donate – A GoFundMe page has been setup. For every donation over $20. We’ll send you a free sticker!
  • Main Characters: CKnight & Derrian
  • Start Date: March 15th 2013
  • Costs: $26901 (and climbing)
  • Awesome Story: Read Here
  • Boring Story: Read Here
  • Want to Help:  Donate Now!
  • Want Cool Stuff: Shop!

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